In Game Date: 12/2

Population: 355

Governor: Patrick Haven

Other Council Members:
Grubain – Captain of the Guard, Military, and Defense
Gideon Greymoor – Construction and Mining

Squads: 14
Fishing: 2 (150 Food)
Farming: 3 (225 Food)
Trade: 1
Mining – Gems: 1
Making/Manning Outpost: 1
Trained Standing Army: 6

Public Buildings:
Temple of Kord
Arcane/Mundane University: Finished, but no more than a house for now.
Guard Towers: 3 towers, one five miles to the south, one five miles to the West. One more is down the road to the Kobold’s Camp.
Tavern (The Pig and Whistle)

Piliana: Enchanter: Seamstress, magic person!
Jupus: Ritual Vendor
Grok: Hill Giant Smasher – Level 11 – Good at lifting heavy things, smashing stuff. Just wants to be loved.

Most people live in wooden houses, “apartments,” or shacks, and there are about 15 sea-worthy fishing vessels. Trade is really getting up there, with the gold and gems, and as a result traders and immigrants are flocking to the city.


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