Assualt on Stonehollow

Our heroes continue towards Stonehollow, after making a brief pit-stop in Haven. Here, they pick up a half-elf named Meinfinger, who is going to go assist Stonehollow with mining. Additionally, Lanyk completes his construct “Robotnyk,” and decides to take him out for a dry run. Lanyk will control Robotnyk from back at Haven via remote control. When making their way through the caves, dragging Boran along, they are lead into an ambush by a second group of three dragonborn, trained suspiciously similarly to one ones at the quarry. Our heroes have a little bit of trouble, but they make it through.
The arrive at Stonehollow a week later to find it under attack but none other than Dolovar Grey and a horde of demonic imps! Maladrok, Myradon, and Dorum are guarding the entrance to Goodshore, but our heroes rush to defeat Dolovar. Corpses of Dwarves and Dragonborn litter the town, and black fire burns stone even in the blizzard. Although the sight is intimidating, Estar comes into her own, dominating the powerful demonic wizard. She making him lie down and crawl around, incurring opportunity attacks from Vestas and Robtnyk, while Meinfinger and Varus pepper him with opportunity attacks. He only gets one attack off before being dominated.
Shamed and furious, Dolovar teleports away, and his imps fall dead.
Dorum informs the heroes of Haven that Eva was killed in the attack. He partially blames the heroes for causing the attack, as bringing Boran here forced the enemy’s hand, but he is willing to ally anyway. The group proceeds into the war room, where Adrianne extracts war information from Boran’s mind and determines that Haven, Stonehollow, and Koboldville and under immediate threat of attack. They also say that there are three groups out there which could potentially be swayed to the hero’s side: The Dragons, the Gnomes, and the Goblins/Hobgoblins. Each group comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but the group only has time for one more “swaying” before the dragonborn mass in earnest.
Dorum also explains the military might that the heroes have. Dorum+Maladrok+Myradon=Heroes of Haven=Haven Army=Kobold Village=?? Those are the “military squads” that our heroes have to work with, each group being approximately equal in strength to the other groups. The constructs are an, as of yet, untested factor that Dorum has no idea the strength of.

It is 12/2, level 13.



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