Back into the Frozen North

Our heroes return from their side quest to learn that a Dragonkin ambassador has visited Haven, demanding tribute. Patrick sent him away angrily, but is now worried. He tells our heroes that they shouldn’t worry about Haven for now, and continue to search for things that may help the colony.

He also introduces our heroes of Leevon, explaining that the seeker may prove useful in the times ahead.

Our heroes decide to head back into the frozen northlands. The approach the barrier to find that it is still down, but there are the signs of battle – however, no corpses, just armor and weapons. They continue north, following the trail of debris, as it leads them through a labyrinth of gigantic stones and glaciers that appear to have been uplifted violently from the earth.

Eventually, they come across two dragonborn, a man and a woman, who are holding down a bottleneck. In broken common, the woman implores the heroes to finish off the undead that wait just beyond the corridor. Our heroes as suspicious, especially after a good sense motive check reveals that the dragonborn are not on the hero’s side, but they take out the undead anyway.

Our heros cautiously return the the dragonborn, who they realize are poised to attack them as soon as they enter the bottleneck. Vestas throws a skeleton down the corridor, and the male makes his intentions known by striking it down.

There is an awkward pause as the two parties stare at each other. After some brief and confusing negotiations, it is revealed that all dragonborn “teams” have an order to kill the heros on sight. However, the female tells the male that she will not do it, and recommends that the heroes leave for a few minutes such that the dragonborn can return home.

Our heroes wait patiently, then return to find that the male has been killed. They then make camp for the night.

Just before sunrise, they are approached by a man in grey cloaks and a squad of undead. The man, who introduces himself as Marcus Dawn, calls to them by name and welcomes them to these lands. He invites them to journey with him to Stonehollow. our heroes cautiously accept.

Stonehollow, it seems, is a town on the top of a mountain (Frosttop Spire) that is run by seven spellcasters. The town has been functioning for about six hundred years, and it gets it’s food and supplies from a lush and fertile demi-plane that the spellcasters have created. The demi-plane is known as Goodshore. The undead, barrier, and labyrinth are all designed to keep the dragonborn out.

Marcus explains more: Marcus’s mentor, Adrianne Deel, has been waiting for the heroes. He hope that they can help convince the other spellcasters that the dragonborn are a real threat.

After a week’s walk, our heroes climb to the top of Frosttop Spire. They arrive at night, and are quietly shuttled into a tavern room. Nobody but Adrianne, Marucs, and the Tavern owner knows they are here.

It is 8/22



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