Boran Tharr and the Chamber of Constructs

Our heroes continue through the desert for another two weeks, slowly approaching a gigantic great purple orb in the sky.

Our heroes come across a dead dragonborn. He is only a day or two old. Magic determines that he was part of a group of four, and that he will killed by constructs. And that his armor was made by a blacksmith.

They continue.

When the get nearer to the orb, they stumble across a large lake. In the middle of the lake, there is an island with a large ziggurat. The purple orb is directly above the ziggurat. On the shore of the lake, there is a ring of copper poles that mark some sort of barrier, surrounding the lake. There is a large structure in the sand by the lake, and there are plenty of constructs milling about.

Our heroes make a dash for the structure. When they breach the fence, the constructs attack, but our heroes are able to evade them and get inside. They continue through the structure, which seems to be some kind of workshop with gears and metal everywhere. They come across two more dead dragonborn, and a bunch of destroyed constructs.

Eventually they make their way to a large forge, where they encounter a huge construct being controlled by a dragonborn. This dragonborn is has purple armor, and is using some sort of uber-complex rubiks cube to control the construct.

They defeat the dragonborn, but don’t kill him. Instead, they question him. The dragonborn is obstinate, and has a bad mouth, but after a high intimidate check and a bit of torture, he starts talking.

His name is Boran Tharr, and he was sent here to take over the constructs. He says that the dragonborn are on the same side as the demons. Long ago, when the humans came to this plane, they came from Eberron. They broke through to this plane in with the huge portal. When they tried to get rid of the demons, they reworked the portal to send them to another portal. They forced the demons through the portal, then reinforced it in that direction.

However, they did not reinforce it in the direction of Eberron. So, Lanyk’s airship was able to break through the portal, and when he did, the portal opened for about 10 seconds. A couple dozen demons came through, and they have been trying to convert the land. Their ultimate objective is to reopen the portal.

The constructs are here to guard the portal, and prevent the demons from breaking through. They hate Lanyk because they assume he is a demon.

Boran also mentions that they have Thevra captured.

The heroes want to kill Boran now, but Vestas realizes that there is another way. Boran is their proof to Stonehollow that the dragonborn is a threat. They are going to take Boran all the way back to Stonehollow with them.

And Boran doesn’t like that one bit.

It is 10/12. Level 12.



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