Bringing Back Boran

Our heroes decide to bring Boran Tharr back to Haven, and then Stonehollow. The tie him to the outside of their water barrel, then begin the long journey back. Almost at the Kobold Village, our heroes encounter and then destroy a nest of 30 ants who burrow out of the ground to attack them. They then take a nice, well deserved extended rest at Koboldville, and are pleased to hear that Ketch-Zin with eagerly join their cause as an ally.

The take the path to Haven. As they pass the now abandoned quarry, they are stopped by three dragonborn who demand that the Knights of the Coconut turn over Boran Tharr. These seem to be an elite task force, fused with demonic blood. However, Lanyk gets the drop on them and just racks out the dailies, knocking them prone, surrounding them by difficult terrain, and basically rendering them useless. And who could forget Vestas’s part in the battle. Without those taunts, who knows what would have happened? The three dragonborn are dispatched without any problem, but Boran warns that more task forces could be on their way.

Our heroes finally make it back to Haven. The trip back took about a month and a half. Lanyk hands Charley 9 some secret blueprints, and then our heroes head on thier way. Besides the recent population boom (due in part to the recent discovery of gems), things in Haven seem to be going pretty well.

It is 11/25, and our Heroes have just turned level 13.



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