Charley 9 and on the Road Again

Continuing on through the path, our heroes come across a gem mine and defeat a crystal golem. They then return to Haven.

Back in Haven, our heroes meet Charley 9, a warforged who was Lanyk’s friend back on the airship. He says that he woke up after the crash in the forced employ of a clan of goblins. These goblins mentioned that Charley fell out of the sky the same day that the sky turned purple.

Recently, the clan fell to a group of hobgoblins, and Charley escaped in the chaos of the fighting.

Charley has started to work on the airship!

Our heroes head west into the desert. After about a week and a half of traveling in the desert, they are attacked by a handful of constructs, whom they dispatch.

It is 9/30, level 12.



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