Stonehollow and Goodshore (1/2)

There was lots of plot and exposition here, and I’m going to skim most of it. Feel free to add in details that you might remember if you feel like it.

Our heroes were worked in the night by a strange Orc named Maladrok. Maladrok is a Druid on the council who is charged with keeping Stonehollow safe.

In the morning, Marcus took our heroes to the council. They had just finished arguing, and Adrianne was annoyed.

Evidently, nobody wanted Stonehollow and Haven to enter in a military alliance. Adrianne wanted the heroes to go and try to convince the council members.

Maladrok, the Orc Druid, needed to know that Haven would be a valuable ally. When the heroes defeated his animal companion, an albino jaguar, he said he would listen to their argument.

Alabaster Brave, a Lich Necromancer, wanted to help make up for past wrongdoings. When the heroes explained that he would be protecting people, Alabaster agreed.

Eva Paltry, an Elf wizard, was surprised that the heroes came to her at all. After learning more about Eva and her mother’s death, they promised to return. Eva is so far unconvinced.

Finnegan, a Gnome Sorcerer, remained distant and aloof. He requested that the heros stop worshiping Kord, and the heros politely refused. When they offered him Caelo Ignus, he seemed interested – but still lukewarm. Finnegan gave a partial yes.

At this point, our heros determined that they should investigate Eva’s mother’s death. Briar Paltry was crushed to death in Goodshore, but nobody quite knows what happened. This is odd, given that Finnegan has a good deal of awareness over Goodshore, and Adrianne can read minds.

Adrianne reluctantly suggested that they visit “the scene of the crime,” but seemed to regret that suggestion instantly. “Somethings are best left undiscovered.”

It is 8/23.



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