Stonehollow and Goodshore (2/2)

Our heroes enter Goodshore, and explored around. After much detective work, they determine that Brian Pa;ltry was attempting to connect Goodshore to a number of important cities across the world. However, when she attempted to activate the portals, Goodshore’s defense mechanisms activated, and the plane crushed her.

Our heroes go back the Stonehollow to tell Eva, but Adrianne asks them to come to him first. He explains that Finnegan could have stopped it, but didn’t. He also explains that everybody on the council knows, except for Eva. The council does not want to implicate Finnegan, because without Finnegan nobody is sure what would happen to Goodshore.

Our heroes decide to blackmail Finnegan, and not tell Eva the truth. Finnegan agrees to vote for them.

Next, our heroes visit Myradon Greymoor. He agrees to think favorably of them if they initiate trade with Stonehollow, and if they give 10% of the proceeds to the Greymoor clan. He is also glad to hear that a relative of his is living in Haven.

At last, Dorum calls another meeting. Our heroes each make arguments, and the council is largely convinced. Furious, Dorum takes the heroes aside. He says that Stonehollow will only ally if the heroes can meet four conditions.
1: Find evidence that the Dragonkin empire is a threat.
2: Make more allies!
3: Figure out what is wrong with Lanyk’s chest.
4: Clear out the tunnels connecting Stonehollow and Haven.

Our heroes start on the path between Stonehollow and Haven. AFter a few days of traveling, they come across a large nest of Spider Trolls (???) and clear them out.

It is now 8/27.



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