Council of Stonehollow


The council is composed of seven spellcasters; Three wizards, two sorcerers, one druid, and one monk. Out of these, one is an Elf, one is a dwarf, one is a Lich, one is a gnome, one is a human, one is a half-orc, and one is a Halfling.
Every council member except for Maladrok has a responsibility to help with maintaining Goodshore.

Eva Paltry – Elf Wizard
Eva is the second Link Keeper. She is quiet, reserved, the newest member, and the only non-original member. She took her mother’s spot after Briar was assassinated. She wants to know what happened to mom. She wears green robes.

Myradon Greymoor – Dwarf Wizard (Evocation)
Myradon Greymoor is the third Link Keeper. He respects the wishes of his comrades, especially Dorumm. Despite, or perhaps because of, their wildly different life views, Myradon and Alabaster are close friends. They also perform a great many experiments together. He wears blue robes.

Alabaster Brave – Elf Wizard (Lich)
Brave is the fifth Link Keeper. “My past is not on trial here.” Alabaster Brave is a Lich who fell in with the wrong crowd. Alabaster Brave did terrible things in his past.. Now he is trying to make up for it. He wears black robes.
Alabaster is charged with the defense of the entire region. To that end, he employs his vast army of skeletons and undead hulks. Alabaster is incredibly formidable, perhaps the most powerful member of the council. But you would never know that from just looking at him.

Finnegan – Gnome Sorcerer (Summoning and Goodshore)
Finnigan is the first Link Keeper. Not very interesting, mostly lacking in personality, Finnigan is a summoner. He has seen too much and been too far afield, both in far flung dimensions and the many pocket dimensions of his own creation. Finnigan is Goodshore – he created it and he maintains it – and he is the strongest Link keeper. His mind is often far afield keeping Goodshore in existence. He wears yellow robes.

Adrianne Deel – Human Sorcerer (Illusion and Psychic)–

Blonde, handsome, always smiling, Adrianne is a trickster. He has a “familiar” in the form of a ferret that is constantly climbing around his body. However, it is just an illusion. Adrianne is manipulative and not fully trusted by any of the council – however, his unique powers have proven helpful in years past. He wears purple robes.
Adrianne is the sixth Link Keeper.
Adrianne is the only member of the council who employs a protégée. Marcus Dawn, a young, submissive, eager to please Tiefling, is more of a personal assistant than anything else. Still, Adrianne has taught him a thing or two.

Maladrok – Half-Orc Druid
Maladrok is a gruff orc who talks little. His animal companion is an albino jaguar. He is the only council member is not a Link Keeper. He is usually who the council sends out against incursions into Stonehollow. He wears red robes.

Dorum Drumm – Halfling Monk
Dorum’s eyes have no pupils – they are just white. He is bald, and wears a white judo outfit. Dorum is the leader of the whole shebang, and all decisions are ultimately his to make. He leans with the majority 95% of the time, or provides the tie breaker, sometimes even against his own better judgment. The other 5% of the time, he simply ignores the others and chooses. The council respects his wishes.
Dorum is the fourth Link Keeper.


Council of Stonehollow

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