Book of Many Ages


The Book of Many Ages is an extremely old tome that has been heavily edited, censored, and revised. It has, however, been magically preserved for many centuries. The book seems to be a chronology of the region. When players are making history checks about the region, they are referencing this book.

Every time that they player’s read the book, the details seem to solidify, and another few words are added. Slowly, the history of this place is being fleshed out.

The first couple hundred pages are torn out (and large swaths have been torn out throughout the book), but here is the general gist.

The many races of man inhabited these lands long ago. Then, demons broke through into the plane through a giant, dimensional gate. Through this gate the armies of the demons poured, and as long as it was open the demons had a way into the realm. There were great wars, but even worse was the demon’s ability to corrupt and seduce the leaders of the realms.

The war lasted thousands of years. Just when all seemed lost, the tieflings, which had been the demon’s allies, turned against their masters, and the demonic armies were driven back through their dimensional gate. The heroes of the land managed to temporarily shut the gate, and the blast devastated the land and created the Great Desert. This grand blast, known as the cataclysm, destroyed all civilization in the region.

Although most of the remaining settlements moved east and over the mountains, a few remained. They build gigantic constructs in the desert to guard to portal and ensure that none would ever come near it again.

Here the book ends.


Book of Many Ages

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