Caelo Ignus


This marble statue depicts a mage wielding a bolt of lightning. Not much is known about its past currently, but it seems as if a powerful wizard could use it to control storms.

The wizard touches the statue, and determines the effect he wishes to have, anything from dismissing a storm entirely, to summoning a storms of varying magnitudes. What effect, if any, this has is determined by an arcana check.

A wizard may make an arcana check once every six hours. He may change the temperature by half of the check. A 30+ allows him to summon seasonable weather (e.g. clear skies on a temperate field, or a snowstorm in a freezing mountain pass). A 40+ allows him to summon unseasonable weather, but weather that the terrain still sees at least once or twice a year (light rain or fog in a desert, or a tornado in a jungle). If a wizard rolls a 50+, he may expend any number of healing surges, and summon completely bizarre weather in an area (snowstorm in a desert, or hail in a jungle). The bizarre weather lasts for 3 minutes for every healing surge he has expended.


Caelo Ignus

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