Vestas' Giant Hammer

weapon (melee)

+2 Maul of Defense (base weapon)

You gain resist 1 to all damage while you are holding the weapon.

Vestas gains +2 bonus to saving throws against domination, daze, stun, and suggestions while holding the hammer.

Utility Power – Daily (Immediate Interrupt)
Trigger: You take damage from a melee attack that hits you.
Effect: You take only half of the damage.


Forged from pure nightmare and hate, the hammer was imbued with a twisted sentience by its malevolent alien master, the monstrosity known as Ur-Shaggoleth. It was an invaluable tool for enslaving and tormenting minds of conscious creatures under his control, until it was stolen unexpectedly.

It despises its new master, the human ardent Vestas. And Vestas hates the hammer right back, taking every opportunity to desecrate the legendary artifact and exert his dominance over it: renaming it, using it as a common melee weapon, forcing it to share his pain in battle.


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