Leeroy the Evil Belt of Useful Properties

He's so useful! Also Evil.


Leeroy does all kinds of things. Just ask.

  • Potion Bandolier: holds 6 potions, can retrieve potions as a free action.
  • Leeroy can record and play back sounds. Most of his current collection is the screams of the innocent.

Concordance 5

  • Belt of Vim: +1 Fortitude

Concordance 6

  • Resist 1 poison

Concordance 7

  • Power: Daily (Immediate Interrupt)
    Leeroy yells inappropriate non sequiturs at an attacker, distracting and confusing him.
    Trigger: You are hit with an attack by an adjacent creature.
    Effect: -1 on the attack roll.

Leeroy is a sentient artifact. He can reveal new powers as his concordance with his wielder increases.

Leeroy’s Concordance with Thavra: 7


Leeroy wasn’t always evil. When he was made he was just a regular sentient belt of incredible power. He just wanted to make his wearer happy.

But Leeroy was created in Malbolge, the Sixth Hell, and then promptly worn by a series of real jerks; evil is all he really knows. So when he inexplicably ended up in the mortal plane, in the hands of Viktor, the human idiot, their relationship didn’t last long. In his defense, Leeroy just wanted Viktor to kill some things. It was Viktor who decided it should be giants.

But his new master is both strong and evil! They just met, and already she’s killed some people, and messed up their garden! She even crushed a flower with her bare hands. Leeroy is excited for the future.

Leeroy the Evil Belt of Useful Properties

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