About Colonization

These “rules” should only be followed in the most broad sense. Plot and storytelling always take priority. If the players think of some creative way to influence the growth of Haven, the answer should always be “yes.”

The players should remember that Haven will run itself. The players are adventurers, not politicians, and as long as they don’t touch the inner workings of haven, it should work fine, just like any other city. These rules are just if the players choose the engage in Haven’s politics. They will have to do some convincing, but they can change the way that Haven operates, and move its resources. The players should, perhaps, keep track of what Haven requires, or may require in the future.

Squads: Haven sends out squads of people to do work. A squad is made up of about 10 capable, able adults. These squads can do anything from gaurd duty to clearing land to building road to planting farms. However, one of thier most important uses is utilizing resources. Farms only produce food if they are being utilized by a squad, gold mines can only produce gold if they are being mined by a squad, etc… To find out the number of squads that a colony has, divide the total population by 25 rounding to the nearest whole number.

Distance: For now, because supplies are scarce and the wilderness still very unknown, squads will not travel over 2 days to reach an objective. However, the distance that two days will take you can be increased by building roads.

Roads: Roads are very useful for traveling, as they can potentially double distance traveled. Building a road on a hex takes one squad one week for easy and difficult terrain, and two weeks for very difficult terrain. Roads are omni-directional – having a road in a hex increases movement in all directions.

Experts: Experts can be found here and there, or they can come to Haven of thier own free will (or not). They allow you to buy specific goods, or build specific buildings. For example, you may not be able to buy swords without a blacksmith, spells without a mage, or magic weapons without an enchanter.

Buildings: Some building, such as temples to the gods, confer benefits to Haven (and to the players). These generally take one or more squad/month of work and the required resources, such as lumber, stone, etc…

What Haven Needs: The only thing that haven truely needs is food. Utilizing one farm hex, wild game, or fishing provides enough food to feed 75 people. This means that one third of people should be harvesting food. Other than that, Haven will probably want protection, wealth, expansion, and all sorts of specific things.

Population: If Haven is well taken care of, it will grow, both through birth and through immigration.

EXP from Colonization: At the end of every session, each player will get exp equal to twice the population of Haven. Bonus exp will be awarded at the completion of large constrution projects, such as finishing a large temple of completing the road back to civilization.

About Colonization

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