About Exploration

These rules are simply guidelines, and will always step aside for storytelling. Never should these rules get in the way of fun or good D&D.

Travel: Each hex on the map translates to about 5 miles and an equivalent amount of travel time. The amount of hexes you have travel in a given day is given by the following table. The table assumes the party is traveling for 9 hours a day. It should be noted that roads will increase the number of hexes you can travel by one. When traveling between terrain types, travel the shorter distance if an easy conversion is not possible.

Terrain -——————————————————————————————————— Hexes per day
Easy terrain With Road -——————————————————————————— 4 hexes (20 miles)
Easy terrain, such as plains, light forest, or hills -——————————————— 3 hexes (15 Miles)
Difficult terrain, such as heavy forest, mountains, or desert -————————— 2 hexes (10 Miles)
Very Difficult Terrain, such as snow capped mountains, glaciers, or swamp — 1 Hex (5 Miles)

Revealing Land: You are always aware of the terrain type of the hex you are in. If the ground is flat and clear, you can see all adjacent hexes. Getting 100 or more feet in the air allows you to see two hexes away. Forests, mountains. and other complex terrains obstruct view – you cannot see adjactent squares while inside. You are usually able to see mountains from a max distance of 7 hexes away, and hills from 2 hexes away, assuming you are on flat terrain and nothing is blocking your path. However, you may not be aware of what is between you and them.

Revealing Resources: Hexes sometimes contain valuable resources that can be used by your settlement. These come in the form of anything from abandoned gold mines to plentiful game to rare and exotic spices. When moving through hexes that contain these resources, the Dm will look at the players’ highest passive perception (for, say, gold mines or ruins) or “passive nature” (for wild game or spices). Additionally, it should be noted that much of the time these rescources will make themselves known to the player without a check – for example a huge ruined city will be obvious to anybody passing by.

Extended Rests: Extended rests can only be taken at safehouses or at Haven itself. This means that dailies and the like will often be limited to once an excursion, not once a day. This mechanic transforms excursions into dungeons with multiple encounters (although those dungeons are still around).

EXP From Exploration: The adventurers will recieve exp for discovering new landmarks and resources. The rewards can range anywhere from 150 exp per person for minor landmarks or common resources such as iron to 500 exp per person for the ruins of ancient cities or diamond mines. Or, perhaps, the rewards could stretch higher…

About Exploration

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