Group Loot


Level 13

17,376gp + 10,000gp – 4395gp(rituals)
22,981gp – 3,525gp(arrows)

6,395gp in Residuum


Group Items
Flagon of Ale Procurement (DM 369)
Bag of Holding (PHB)
Shroud of Revival (AV1)

Up for Grabs
Eladrin Ring of Passage
Barbed Baldric (Heroic Tier)

When you claim something strike it through and put your name next to it!
Make sure that you are the best person in the party for the item!
If you are replacing an item, feel free to put the extra item back in the group loot!

-Wand of Allure +3 Estar
-Belt of Vigor (Paragon Tier) Estar
Flaming Superior Crossbow +3 Levon
Incendiary Ring of Fireblazing Levon
Orb of Forceful Magic +3 Lanyk
Gauntlets of the Ram Vestas
Bracer of Tactical Blows (lvl 6) Vestas
+2 Healer’s Brooch Vestas
+2 Mage’s Dagger Sold
Armor of Sacrifice Vestas
+2 Robe of Contingency Lanyk
Philosopher’s Crown Lanyk
Horn of Summons Lanyk
+1 Skull Bracers Lanyk
2x Level 7 Tanglefoot Bags Lanyk
+2 Pinning Longsword Thavra
Cape of the Mounteback +1 Thavra
Skull Mask Thavra
+2 Entrapping Short Bow Thavra
+1 Amulet of Psychic Interference Keh
Map of Unseen Servants(Did you mean Map of Unseen Lands?) keh (tentatively)
-Belt of Sonnolier Righteousness
Bracers of Archery Varus
Boots of Eagerness Varus
Avalanche Boots Vestas
+1 Rousing Hammer Sold
Boots of the Dryad Sold
Companions’ Defender Sold
5 Doses of Level 8 Bloodstinger Poison Sold
Assault Boots Talon
Cape of the Mountebank +2 Talon
Boots of Furious Speed Leevon
Diamond worth 10,000 gp Sold
Cord of Divine Favor Vestas
Ring of Fury Vestas
Shared Valor Armor +3 Varus

Group Loot

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