Haven Wish List

This is the place to put your objectives, goals, and dreams for Haven, and brainstorm what you want to do with the colony.

Natural resources are abundant, specifically lumber. Crafting materials are always easy sells, so I say we harness this forest and ride it like a cashcow.
1. Harvest Trees
2. Refine into Lumber with Mill
3. Profit
4. Build an airship to deliver goods quicker
5. Profit more
6. Build more airships for sale to general public
7. Profit most
Due to his previous occupation as an airship technician, Lanyk is capable of this. We should totally make ourselves a Sloop class airship for faster travel from Haven to adventurespots, and name it Sloop John B.

Also, in the same vein as Demphiel’s wishes, Lanyk appreciates a good magic upgrade. In addition, we’ve been here several months, and in several more the traumababies will be poppin’ out (like baby boomers, only with sadness at loss and dislocation instead of happiness at war ending)(Lanyk is confident that with all the trauma the colonists started humpin’ like rabbits), so children will soon be a factor. He is envisioning an institution for both schooling and research, where our current enchanters and invokers and thinkers and dreamers can refine their talents, conjure brainstorms, and also educate our future youth, to promote the establishment and growth of a refined, educated society. Think Havenaissance, only with less DaVinci sketches of flying machines and more actual flying machines.

This would obviously be a slow process, but even a simple wood structure and the handful of intellectuals on site would be a grand beginning, allowing the creation of stronger rituals and enchantments and the training of new magical resources, for the good of Haven and the Grand Alliance of Experienced Warriors, Adventurers, and Demon Slayers (GAEWADS).

I guess when the clear cutting starts in Ernest Keh will petition to replant as we clear.

Oh and victory gardens would be in order.

Last thing on my mind is to get dockage and send people (Oh I do wonder who that will be) out on the ocean to see what’s out there. On something more substantial then a raft that a halfling made in a week.

We’ll need to find / recruit some more people for Haven – keep following the river? 120 people of mixed races isn’t going to make a stable population. Zombies and liches won’t be much help either.

Make Keh domesticate animals for live stock.

Demphiel cares little for the well being of the people of Haven – he simply wants to craft Haven into a tool to make himself more powerful. Perhaps getting a magic tattoo artist or fellow sorcerer to teach him a trick or two (alternative rewards). Also, getting a greater variety of enchanters in town would be nice, as would improving the ones they already have.

Haven Wish List

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