Of Kobolds and Cannibals

Our heroes decide to return to Haven from the tower, after looting all they can. They take a slightly more northern path on the way up, noting the forest and mountains to the north west.

The progress on Haven is going smoothly. It seems that they are mostly focused on building up a wall first, but this isn’t the fortress that New Breckshire was. It’s more of a five foot tall fence – it wouldn’t do much against motivated people but the objective it probably to keep wolves and such out.

A group of about 30 people have arrived, mostly elves but a few tieflings – these guys were coming to New Breckshire before it’s destruction, but were then magically guided by some posts that Dolovar Grey left. However, it is unlikely that Haven will get any more immigrants until the road back to civilization is complete and Haven becomes a desirable place to live. Which it is not right now. People are kinda annoyed and grumbly – the are hungry, scared, and without stability. The new immigrants feel duped.

Grubain calls our heroes over for a council meeting. The Council would like it if the group checks in once a month at the latest, but preferably once every two weeks.
If Keh suggests making some boats, the council will think that is a great idea. Fish are likely very common in this area, and wood is the one resource they have a lot of.

Patrick says that there are rumors of kobolds to the north east, and that he would be grateful if our heroes would check it out.

The council divies up the squads:
2: Hunting and Gathering (and fishing from the river)
1: Lumbering
1: Building New Breckshire
1: Planting farms
1: Building boats

Our heroes decide they want to invest in making some magical items, but Dolovar does not have any rituals to sell him. They ask around, and find an elf woman’s named Pilliana. She says that she does not sell rituals, but she can craft any magic item that can be woven. Keh suggests a battle standard, and Pilliana says of course … if you can bring me Pulgee sap to use as ink. Pulgee sap, unfortunately can only be found in swamps. Our heroes go glowering off.
She will also need an amount of gold equal to half the cost of the item, and an amount of residuum equal to one fourth of the cost.

Pilliana is an “Enchanter: Seamstress,” and she counts as an expert for the town.

Our heroes head north east, and after only two days of travel, they happen upon a small kobold fortress. It has wooden walls about ten feet high. After much deliberation, our heroes finally approach the fortress. Thevra attempts to broker some sort of deal with the kobolds (they only speak draconic) but they clearly have something against dragonborns. They attack, and our heroes deal with all 28 without too much difficulty.

These kobolds seem unusually militant and well organized – and there are no women and children.

There is, however, a young grey dragon named Drove, who speaks little, revealing only that the kobolds had captured him. He flies off after our heroes unchain him.

There is a nearby iron mine for Haven to use!

Our heroes return to Haven, report on their finding, and then proceed north hugging the coast. They move through dense forest, and eventually reach mountains, where they stumble upon a small group of apparent cannibals. There is a fight, and our heroes kill three and subdue the fourth for questioning.

I eat cannibals like these for breakfast.

It is 1/30



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